Friday, April 24, 2009

An Opening..

Salam semua! Masa miskin nak kaya, dah kaya tak nak jadi orang kaya. Masa susah nak senang, dah senang memang tak nak susah. Itu antara warna-warni dalam kehidupan.

Nak makan tak cukup makan,
Nak minum tertumpah dikesat,
Hai kawan kau dah makan?,
Kalau belum meh duk sini sat.

Welcome to my blog. This is not my first. Maybe the 2nd, maybe the third, or maybe more than that. It is because..lost in peace...haha!

Anyway, i would like to pretend the good as i can be and make this page be apart of my life that i can share with u all. We all are never stop walking, never stop running, always keep in moving, run and run and run, but one day we will stopped.

So, dear readers, dear explorers, welcome a board and lets loose the fingers and put your mind in peace.. have a nice day!

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